Thursday, February 25, 2010

the simple pleasures of the point and shoot

I know many people rave about the Yashica T4, while rummaging around in a drawer the other week I found an old Olympus Stylus zoom 140 point and shoot, stuck a roll of film in, got it processed and was amazed at how beautiful and sharp the images were, I'm absolutely going to be carrying this around with me wherever I go and even take a few rolls with it at my next wedding.


  1. Richard, I keep tellin' ya---it's the eye behind the lens! ;)

    You're way past the stage at which mastery of the tools---extensions of your fingers and eyes now---has enabled a seamless fluidity of seeing and shooting. It all looks silky smooth and complete, regardless of camera used. The composition is spot-on, and they just look "right".

  2. What film did you uses in these photos?


  3. I used Kodak 400 bw for these shots.