Monday, March 23, 2009

If anyone is interested in an amazing deal on medium format gear, email me and I'll put you in touch my friend Rod Hunter who is selling his entire Pentax 645 system, for 1,000.00. It's had less than 50 rolls run through it. He'll also throw in 10 rolls of film just for good measure.

645N body auto focus
45mm f2.8
75mm f2.8
125mm LF f4
135mm macro f4
120 back
220 back
Dedicated CE Pentax flash for the 645N
Hard case that will hold everything but one lens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Shout out

Thank you to Leah McCormick for my "I Shoot Film Buttons" I'm loving the reactions I'm getting, ranging from disbelief to joyful smiles. You need to check out her work and listen to her interview with Scott Sheppard on Inside Analog Photography.
Leah is not only an amazing photographer but also has such a wonderful attitude to life and in her business, so
refreshing in a world were many wedding photographers are taking themselves way to seriously.


I had almost forgotten about using consumer neg film to get a fabulous cross processed look. apparently consumer films are made much more contrasty than their professional counterparts. So, I shot a few rolls at these sessions using Fuji Superia 400 xtra, over exposed by 2 stops. The film can be purchased at most leading drugstores.

Monday, March 16, 2009


For some reason when I shoot digitally I feel I must do something to the image in addition to the things I have to do. Film, another story, these were shot with the Mamiya 645 AFD, 80mm lens, natural north light, Kodak Portra 160 NC, overexposed by one stop and that's it....

Monday, March 2, 2009

keep it simple

This one is for Scott Sheppard from Inside Analog Photo. Shot in open shade, Deardorff, 4x5 Ektachrome.

keep it simple

This was shot using only the natural light in my daylight studio, I wanted to keep everything as neutral and simple as possible allowing the viewer to concentrate on Whitney's beauty.