Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I love shooting medium format, especially for my more studied portraits, all the wonderful things I love about film are magnified with the larger negative.

The picture above was shot with my Rolleiflex twin lens camera, this camera, apart from having the legendary, Ziess Plannar 2.8 lens is very smooth and easy to operate, just like a rangefinder there is no mirror so it can be hand held at quite slow shutter speeds and is virtually silent in operation. Other great TLR alternatives to the Rolleiflex are Mamyia c220 and c330 and the Yashica's.
The Rolleiflex's can be a little pricey but the other can be had for a song.

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  1. Amazing photos Richard! I have a Yashica 124 I have been playing with a bit, and I am about to send off 5 rolls of BW to get developed. Any recommendations on where to send it?